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Just Trade Recycled Glass Earrings - Mist

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Introducing the Exquisite Collection of Recycled Glass Jewellery by Just Trade.

Discover the beauty of our captivating range of jewellery, meticulously crafted from recycled glass by talented artisans in Indonesia. Inspired by the enchanting Scottish landscape, the colours of the glass reflect the breathtaking hues found in nature.

This exclusive collection has been specially designed and produced for the National Trust for Scotland, capturing the essence of Scotland's awe-inspiring scenery. Imagine the mist clearing and the sun breaking through, casting a radiant glow on the water and countryside. Our jewellery embodies the majestic purples of the heather, the blue-ish greens of our lochs and the dramatic greys of our weather, evoking the mesmerizing atmosphere of this remarkable land.

Every piece in this collection is handcrafted in East Java, Indonesia, by skilled artisans residing in two unique villages. One village specialises in transforming recycled glass into stunning beads, while the other excels in creating intricate metal components.

Our jewellery pieces are crafted from recycled glass, formed into delicate tubes and carefully cut into individual sections. Each bead possesses its own distinctive shape, adding to the overall charm and uniqueness of the design. If you find that your necklace isn't sitting perfectly, simply rotate the beads, allowing them to effortlessly adjust and find their perfect place.

Rest assured, every item in our collection undergoes a thorough quality check to ensure impeccable craftsmanship. These captivating beads are handmade by Echo and his talented team in their village. The brass discs are skillfully cut, formed, and soldered together, representing a labour-intensive process. By stocking this exquisite jewellery range, we have provided opportunities for the village to employ more people, bringing joy and prosperity to the entire community.

Embrace the slight variations in colours as an integral part of the charm and natural beauty of our products. Each piece showcases its own unique character, making it truly one-of-a-kind.

Our brass components are hypoallergenic and nickel-free, ensuring a worry-free and enjoyable wearing experience.

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