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Hand-Turned Wooden Porridge Spurtle

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Bring a piece of Scotland to your kitchen with our hand-turned porridge spurtle.

The spurtle is a Scottish wooden kitchen tool, originally dating from the fifteenth century, used to stir porridge, soups, stews and broths.  The rod-like shape means porridge can be stirred without congealing and forming lumps, and the low surface area reduces the chances of porridge sticking to the instrument.  Traditionally they are topped with a stylised thistle.

Our spurtles are turned in the Finzean Wood Turning Mill, one of a small group of mills in the area that are the only ones of their kind in Scotland.  The Mill was built in the 1830s and is run by by the fourth generation of the same family.

Made from local native timber (mainly birch) and hand-turned using water power.  Some slight variations may occur between pieces.




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