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Harry Potter

The National Trust for Scotland offers a wide range of items in our Harry Potter collection: wands, notebooks, tea towels, model lights and more.  Shop now. 

  1. The front of the book which shows Harry Potter and Voldemort's wands and says 'Harry Potter: The Wand Collection.'
    Books & Stationery Harry Potter: Wand Collection
  2. The front cover of the colouring kit, which says 'Includes 30 cards and 10 coloured pencils.'
    Books & Stationery Harry Potter: Colouring Kit
  3. The cover of the Harry Potter Colouring Book. It is white with gold stars and black-and-white images of Hedwig, Dobbie, a Hippogriff, broom and Quidditch set.
    Books & Stationery Harry Potter: Colouring Book
  4. An image of the soft toy of Hedwig the Owl from Harry Potter. The toy has glass eyes, a nose and fluffy bird plumage.
    Toys Harry Potter: Hedwig Soft Toy
  5. A small toy of Hawkes the phoenix in red, yellow and with long feathers.
    Toys Harry Potter: Fawkes Soft Toy
  6. Harry Potter's wand floats in front of a bookshelf. There are other floating items including a scarf, book and two light-up models.
    Toys Harry Potter's Wand
  7. The illuminating Elder Wand in its packaging. There is an image of Dumbledore on the top.
    Books & Stationery Harry Potter: Elder Illuminating Wand Pen