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Activities for Kids

Whether indoors or out, there's plenty of choice for kids who want to have fun

  1. The packing for the Superhero Costume Kit: Tell Stories, Dress Up and Make Believe.
    Toys Superhero Dress Up Kit
  2. The cover of the packaging featuring a white unicorn with a pink mane.
    Toys Create Your Own Unicorn Friend
  3. front of create your own hero kit
    Toys Create Your Own Hero Movie Kit
  4. The front cover of 'The Monster Book of Monsters'. It is a book with fur, multiple eyes and teeth in the right hand corner. On the front it says 'The Monster Book of Monsters.'
    Toys Harry Potter: The Monster Book of Monsters Soft Toy
    Special Price £30.00
  5. A plush toy of Crookshanks from Harry Potter. The toy is orange and soft.
    Toys Harry Potter: Crookshanks Soft Toy
    Special Price £12.50
  6. An image of the soft toy of Hedwig the Owl from Harry Potter. The toy has glass eyes, a nose and fluffy bird plumage.
    Toys Harry Potter: Hedwig Soft Toy
  7. A small toy of Hawkes the phoenix in red, yellow and with long feathers.
    Toys Harry Potter: Fawkes Soft Toy
  8. The cover of the costume kit. It says 'Design your own superhero costumes. Look good and save the day.'
    Toys Design Your Own Superhero Costume Kit
    Special Price £2.80
  9. The cover of the shoulder bag with a bag image to colour in. The bag is next to the set of pens that come with the bag.
    Toys Colour In Bag
    Special Price £6.39
  10. The pencil case with an outline of notes on it, together with the pens for colouring in.
    Toys Colour In Pencil Case
    Special Price £5.19