Many properties, especially our countryside places, have been affected by damage from Storm Arwen. Please check the specific property pages before visiting. There may also be local road closures.

Governance arrangements

Since 2011, the Trust has been governed by a Board of Trustees.

The Board comprises:

  • Chairman – Sir Mark Jones
  • Deputy Chair - Jayne Maclennan and David Mitchell
  • Four co-opted Trustees
  • Ten Trustees elected by the membership of the National Trust for Scotland

Members of the Trust’s Executive Committee (CEO and Directors) and the President do not serve on the Board of Trustees.

Board sub-committees

There are four sub-committees of the Board with specific responsibilities to attend to matters devolved by Trustees and to make recommendations to assist with strategic direction and decision making. 


  • 3 Trustees
  • 2 external appointments


  • 3 Trustees
  • external experts


  • 3 Trustees
  • 2 external appointments


  • 4 Trustees