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Thistle Camps Working Holidays

Our CVs have had another record-breaking year with an incredible 12,111 volunteering hours between the five regional groups! This is the highest number of CV hours ever recorded in a single year, and over 1500 hours greater than the 2011 total. Read on to find out the final hours total for your local CV group...

We had a fantastic total from each of our five CV Groups across Scotland:

4,237 hours from the Lothian Group
2,942 from the Glasgow Group
2,550 from the Grampian Group
1,727 from the Tayside Group
655 hours from the Highland Group

Special mention goes to the Lothian Group with 4,237 hours - that’s equivalent to 176.5 days, which means they spent almost half a year out in the field!

One generous individual from the Tayside Group, Robert Dey, volunteered for an amazing 287 hours. We’d also like to give special thanks to Margaret Bruce (Tayside), Audra Hunter and Peter Tsang (Lothian), Colin Reid and Catherine Ferro (Grampian) and Lorna McCartney and Iain Seikman (Glasgow) for their dedication and commitment to their respective groups.

We’ll be watching out for the Highland Group hours as the new group kicks off for its first full year, but in the meantime, well done and thank you to all of our Conservation Volunteers!

If you want to find out more about conservation volunteering and how to get involved, check out www.nts.org.uk/Volunteering/Outdoor/.

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