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What we believe

A view of the exterior of Brodie Castle on an autumn day. Tall beech trees behind the castle are red and orange. The walls of the castle have a pink hue. A couple with a pushchair walk along a gravelled path leading up to the castle.

We believe in protecting Scotland’s natural, built and cultural heritage and sharing our amazing places with everyone.

A shared heritage is the cornerstone of any strong culture. Scotland is blessed with a wealth of stories, values, objects and landscapes that, over time, have been woven together to unite communities, forge traditions and nurture our unique national spirit.

Simply put, our work keeps this heritage safe. We’re also committed to sharing great days out, opening our doors and encouraging people to engage with Scotland’s heritage in friendly, enriching environments. From idyllic dog walks to immersive battlefield experiences, we make sure there’s something for everyone.

A Trust ranger crouches down next to a log in woodland, surrounded by a group of young children wearing high-vis vests and two adult helpers.
Trust ranger at Newhailes teaching toddlers outdoor skills

It’s a cause we believe in, and our hundreds of thousands of members feel the same way. Together, let’s continue to protect these places for everyone. If we don’t, who will?

Anyone can participate in the work of the Trust, as a visitor, a member, a donor or a volunteer.

Why don’t you find out how you can get involved?