Lepidoptera conservation

Following a generous donation, a 5-year project was undertaken for conservation and improved access to the collection.

Dr Graham Rotheray, curator of entomology at the National Museum of Scotland, was appointed to report on the condition of the Lepidoptera collection and provide options for its long-term care. Although the collection was generally well stored, many specimens had suffered from damp damage, infestation and corrosion of the pins that hold them in place.

The entire collection was photographed, cleaned, repaired and repinned where needed. Dr Rotheray compiled a database of each specimen in the collection and used Dr Campbell’s extensive notebooks to match some of the catches to the published field notes.

Find out about Dr Rotheray’s work and why he finds the collection so fascinating.

With thanks to Jeannie Campbell Redpath Becton through the National Trust for Scotland Foundation USA for funding the Canna Lepidoptera conservation and access project.