Grampian Conservation Volunteer Group

Join your local group and help us with outdoor conservation work across Scotland.


Presentations are held in the Zoology Building, University of Aberdeen, Tillydrone Avenue, Aberdeen AB24 2TZ. They begin at 7.30pm and provide an opportunity for new members to meet the group and discuss upcoming projects. Free parking is available in the evening at the Zoology Building car park on Tillydrone Avenue.

How to join a project

If you would like to participate in a project with the Grampian Conservation Volunteer Group, please contact Kenny Bain at New volunteers must be registered prior to attending a project.

For day projects you should make your own way to the project, unless you have arranged transport with the project leader in advance. Normally the group meet at the car park of the Trust property where the project is taking place.

For weekend projects, the meeting place is Morrisons, King Street, Aberdeen, where lifts will be available in cars or a minibus. If you choose to make your own way to the project, make sure that you let the project leader know.

If you find that you are unable to attend, please let the project leader know as soon as possible – ‘no shows’ can have financial implications for the Trust and prevent others from attending.

Sturdy footwear is essential, unless otherwise stated.


Crathes Castle

Date: Saturday 10 March 2018

Work grading: Medium level physical tasks

An opportunity to play a part in designing and building a squirrel assault course and feeding station. Crathes is a real success story in the struggle between our native red squirrels and non-native grey squirrels. We’d like to attract them to the café area for visitors to see.

Date: Saturday 24 March 2018

Work grading: Demanding physical tasks

Our waymarked trails at Crathes require regular maintenance, with over 50,000 people using them every year. Some natural woodland trails go beyond the point of recovery so we create surfaced paths that can cope with the large numbers of people. It’s incredibly satisfying looking at a finished path compared to the muddy mess that it was before. Steel toe-capped boots may be required; please check with the project leader beforehand.

Date: Saturday 28 April 2018

Work grading: Demanding physical tasks

Another chance to work with the gardeners in the stunning Crathes Castle gardens, where you’ll undertake path improvements and be working in the nursery. Steel toe-capped boots may be required; please check with the project leader beforehand.

Leith Hall

Date: Saturday 14 April 2018

Work grading: Medium level physical tasks

The lower pond at Leith Hall is a well-visited part of the estate with its attractive boat house, trees and wildlife. We will be carrying out some maintenance to the path around the pond, removing small sycamores from around the pond edge and possibly doing some pond management.

Date: Saturday 12 May 2018

Work grading: Demanding physical tasks

The Leith Hall rock garden was laid out in 1920 by Charles Leith-Hay and planted up by his wife, Henrietta. After being partially dismantled in the 1970s, there has been a phased restoration of this significant garden element. Due to staff and resource issues, a large amount of work still needs to be carried out. Help the gardeners replace the substrate of the rock garden in a step towards restoring it to its former glory.