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Many people who visit St Kilda are inspired to be creative. For John Sikorski, a former National Trust for Scotland ranger, he was inspired to create works in glass. We are delighted to show his work here and hope it inspires you to be creative too.

About the artist


I first visited St Kilda in 2009 while working with the Trust’s Cultural Cruising programme. The initial impressions from this visit led to me returning as photographer on a subsequent trip, and more recently working with the ranger service during the summer season in 2017, 2018 and 2019.

As a photographer and glass artist from Skye, I have always been inspired by the visual beauty and starkness of dramatic landscapes and the dynamic lighting displays that occur around the Atlantic. Spending time on St Kilda provided an opportunity to absorb a unique and important landscape, which is listed as a Dual World Heritage Site for its ecological and cultural significance.

The forms, structures and textures in the rock provide inspiration for designing my glass pieces. It is humbling to imagine the voyages undertaken by early settlers from Bronze Age, Viking and Medieval periods, who stopped off and have left their mark in the archaeology of these islands.

View John’s Skye Glass website to make a purchase

About the glass works

All pieces are hand-painted glass works, exploring form, texture and abstract motifs, derived from the cultural history and landscape of St Kilda. I selected the glass to emulate the colour palette of the archipelago, combining the silvery blues of the North Atlantic Ocean with the vibrant green hues of the summer landscape and St Kilda’s submarine ecosystem. The base for each piece is skilfully crafted from Scottish hardwood. The works are available for purchase on the Skye Glass website, along with details on how to commission a bespoke piece.

Any purchases made throughout the exhibition period will include free UK shipping. 10% of any purchase price is a donation to the National Trust for Scotland for conservation work on St Kilda.

View John’s Skye Glass website to make a purchase

With thanks to support from Creative Scotland.