The Lost Pilgrim at Culross Palace B&B

Taking place at

The Kingdom of Fife


26 Oct


Following on from the launch of the Pilgrim Way earlier this year, Culross has always been a favourite place for Pilgrims to visit.

But what happens when night falls and a wee Pilgrim gets left out in the cold and dark? Just imagine ... the village is quiet, there’s nobody about, but there are lights on at the Palace. Would you ask to stay there?

Come with us to find out what happens when our friendly Pilgrim tries to find a free bed for the night in the very strange and very spooky Palace.

Stinking Annie the Pee Purchaser, Cockle-eyed Joe the Pirate, Hecklin’ Hannah the Hopeless Housemaid, The Plague Doctor, Linda the Good Witch and her twin Linda the Bad Witch, and the others in the shadows are all waiting!

Date: Saturday 26 October

Times: 5–6pm or 6.15–7.15pm

Adult – £10
Child (over 5s only) – £7.50

Dates & Times

Saturday 26 October
Saturday 26 October