'Out of the Wood' Gallery Talk

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Aberdeen City & Shire


5 Sep


'Out of the Wood' brings together the work of two contemporary Scottish artists, Tansy Lee Moir and Margaret Pitt, who each work with the elements of wood in a very different way.

Tansy's work takes inspiration from the natural habitat of woodland around Drum Castle and other wooded areas, using charcoal and pastel. Tansy will share stories of the personal encounters with trees and her creative process, which is inspired by them. She has a particular interest in the ecology and history of ancient woodlands and makes regular trips to locations around Scotland to gather source material for her studio works. She will discuss the locations and artists that have inspired her work, how they relate to her studio practice and invite questions from the audience.

Margaret's work draws inspiration from archaeological sites in Scotland and further afield, using woodcut print as her medium.

5th September 2020 Drum Castle Gallery 6:45pm for 7pm

Price: TBC

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Saturday 5 September


Standard (TBC)