Occasion Theatre presents: The monster and Mary Shelley

Taking place at

Aberdeen City & Shire


20 Oct


Experience an outlandish trip through the mind of one of literature’s most influential imaginations.

‘It was on a dreary night in November, that I beheld the accomplishment of my toils’ – Victor Frankenstein, June 1816, the year without a summer

On yet another sun-less day at their holiday villa in Switzerland, Lord Byron challenges his guests Percy and Mary Shelley to each write a ghost story. Two days later, Mary, 18 years old and having recently watched her premature baby die, has a waking dream and begins to write a story that will haunt and define her for the rest of her life.

‘So this is why you created me? Not to scare your readers. Not to scare yourself. But to scare away the things that really frightened you? So that you can sleep at night?’


The Monster and Mary Shelley is an atmospheric, moving, and at times darkly comic exploration of fear. Incorporating elements of music hall, melodrama, horror and teenage rebellion, with a pulsing, contemporary cinematic score, The Monster explores the life of Mary Shelley – the Gothic girl who electrified the world.

Written by Stewart Ennis
Directed by Peter Clerke
Performed by Catherine Gillard
Set Design by Ali McLaurin
Lighting by Paul Froy
Music by Richard Williams

Dates & Times

Sunday 20 October