Ghostly Encounters at Halloween

Taking place at

The Kingdom of Fife

Dates between

30 Oct - 31 Oct


Join us for an exclusive evening of unexpected visits by spirits and a good chance for experiencing some ghostly encounters.

The evening will begin with a séance in the Library. Madame Griselda will summon all her powers to call on the spirit world – there’s no telling who will appear. Be prepared for some eerie experiences, not suited for the fainthearted.

The dynamics of the group determines how the individual will experience the spirit world, which can be quite different from person to person. If there are non-believers among the guests the spirits might not reveal themselves immediately but might just make themselves known to individuals later on that night.

Make sure you come prepared and keep an open mind to whatever looms in the dark corners of the Halloween Mansion.

This event is not suitable for children; tickets only for those aged 18+.

Make sure you book early as there are only 10 spaces available each evening.

Dates & Times

Friday 30 October
Saturday 31 October