For the Love of Weeds

Taking place at

The Kingdom of Fife


1 Apr


Weeds are pesky, they ruin your lawn and are difficult to get rid of? No, no, no!

The very same weeds can be delicious, healthy, soothing and nurturing. Don't kill 'em, Eat them!

Either that, or make plant dyes from them, weave a basket out of them, turn them into a delicious soup or handcream.

You pick a weed and we'll show you that we have got a very good use for it. You'll never look at weeds in the same way again.

Come and join us at our practical workshop: For the Love of Weeds.

Date: Sunday 1 April

Time: 12:00

Ticket: £30

Please bring outdoor clothing and boots, as the opportunity to venture outdoors is weather permitting!

Please contact to reserve your place. Hot herbal drinks and treats are available at the Bothy

Dates & Times

Sunday 1 April