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Membership offer - Terms & Conditions

If you pay monthly by direct debit

  • You may request three months free membership which will be added to the end of our membership period.
  • You will receive new membership cards which will replace your existing ones and show your new expiry date.
  • Upon renewal, we will extend your membership by 3 months. We will not take monthly payments during any of these months.
  • At the end of these three months your membership will automatically renew, and your payments will commence again. We will write to you 10 working days prior to this renewal.
  • We are unable to offer refunds on any monthly membership payments.
  • Our standard membership terms and conditions apply.

If you pay annually by Direct Debit

  • You may request a 25% discount on your membership fees when you renew in May and June 2020 and you must apply by 5 July 2020.
  • This offer is for renewing members only.
  • To action this discount we will cancel your existing membership and create a new one. The direct debit for the new membership will be 25% less than the renewal membership price found on your renewal letter.
  • You should cancel the direct debit of your existing membership with your bank.
  • Your new direct debit will be created using the same account details that we hold for your existing membership.
  • Because we are creating a new membership you will receive an automatically generated email welcoming you to the Trust.
  • Requests should be summited at least 2 working days before the direct debit collection date found on your renewal letter.
  • Your direct debit will be taken at the full price if this request is not processed within 2 works days of your direct debit collection date, found on your renewal letter. In this case we will then issue a refund to the value of 25% of the amount taken. This refund will be credited to the same account it was debited from within 21 days.
  • Our standard membership terms and conditions apply.