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18 Sep 2017

Photographic collections

Our photographic collections offer an honest and insightful picture of Trust places in days gone by

Historic buildings are more than just structures: they are repositories of history and memory, filled with the work of the craftspeople who furnished and maintained them; the sum total of the efforts of the communities which surrounded them and the status and ambitions of the people who owned them. Every property has stories to tell and those cared for by the Trust are filled with tens of thousands of artefacts which range from great works of art to humble domestic objects.  What each has in common is that it was part of a life once lived.

Our Photographic Collections offer a rare glimpse into the lives lived in these historic buildings, creating an honest and insightful picture of these properties in days gone by.

You can find out more about the life and times of Miss Agnes Toward (1886-1975) in the Tenement House:

Tenement House

Delight in the intimate images from Hornel’s painting and photography studio in Broughton House and the precious images he took on his travels:

Broughton House collections

Settle down with The St Kilda collection to examine daily life when the island was still inhabited:

St Kilda collections

Explore the changing and unchanging face of Innerleithen over the last century, including fascinating images of the Robert Smail’s Printing Works: 

Robert Smail's Printing Works

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