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The Archive team

David Rudram oversaw the systems for cataloguing and indexing the archive as our Honorary Archivist from 2006 until 2012. We needed a clearness of vision and the presence of mind (of the former forensic scientist type!) to bring together the eclectic nature of our collections. We are grateful for all his work at Smail’s and he is greatly missed.

Carol Rudram has been working on the ledgers and correspondence from Robert Cowan Smail’s time as the local shipping agent.

There are records of emigrant’s passages to the new worlds of the United States, Canada and South Africa (as well as a few to Honolulu!). This has formed this first stage of our online accessible resource for the property. She has now taken on the 25 years of the town newspaper, The St. Ronan’s Standard and Effective Advertiser, cataloguing the hatches, matches and dispatches in Innerleithen from 1893 until 1916.

Our wonderful collection of over 300 glass plate negatives has been patiently catalogued by Lorna Ramage and we hope to begin the proper conservation storage of these objects in the near future.

Bill Thomson, Jim Martin and Ted McKie have worked their way tirelessly and diligently through boxes and boxes of correspondence, invoices, cheque stubs, receipts and other records, venturing into corners of the works which haven’t seen the light of day for years.

Rachel Mays was an Archive Volunteer from 2006 until 2011 and undertook several of the Trust’s Conservation workshops and acted as voluntary archive conservation support until she became the property’s Senior Assistant.

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