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Soft Toys

Give them a friend for life with our range of soft toys

  1. An image of the soft toy of Hedwig the Owl from Harry Potter. The toy has glass eyes, a nose and fluffy bird plumage.
    Toys Harry Potter: Hedwig Soft Toy
  2. A small toy of Hawkes the phoenix in red, yellow and with long feathers.
    Toys Harry Potter: Fawkes Soft Toy
  3. Brodie the Bunny sitting in a tree.
    Toys Brodie The Bunny
  4. Squirrel Soft Toy 20cm
    Toys Squirrel Soft Toy 20cm
  5. lamb soft toy
    Toys Lamb Soft Toy 20cm
    Special Price £6.00
  6. The front cover of 'The Monster Book of Monsters'. It is a book with fur, multiple eyes and teeth in the right hand corner. On the front it says 'The Monster Book of Monsters.'
    Toys Harry Potter: The Monster Book of Monsters Soft Toy
    Special Price £30.00
  7. A plush toy of Crookshanks from Harry Potter. The toy is orange and soft.
    Toys Harry Potter: Crookshanks Soft Toy
    Special Price £12.50
  8. A soft, walrus toy.
    Toys Walrus Soft Toy
    Special Price £20.00
  9. A small puffin soft toy featuring a bright beak.
    Toys Small Puffin Soft Toy
    Special Price £2.00
  10. A soft toy bat, with a ring to hang it up.
    Toys Bat Soft Toy
    Special Price £2.50
  11. A small seal pup shaped toy, featuring white fur and big eyes.
    Toys Grey Seal Soft Toy
    Special Price £1.50
  12. The puffin soft toy, featuring a bright beak.
    Toys Large Puffin Soft Toy
    Special Price £3.00