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  1. The packet of Tiddylywinks showing the package, bag, with plastic tokens.
    Toys Tiddlywinks
  2. Six boxes of Pick Up Sticks on top of each other. There is the title of the game in red and an illustration of a waving man.
    Toys Pick Up Sticks
  3. The front of the box that the game comes in.
    Toys Blow Football Game
  4. A box of the modelling clay on the ground with some marbles. The cover of the box says 'Marvellously malleable. Multi-coloured and soft.'
    Toys Modelling Clay
  5. A drawstring bag for storage and a selection of marbles on the ground.
    Toys Little Box Of Marbles
  6. The box cover of 'Awful Auntie's Old Maid Card Game.' It says 'Great family fun!'
    Toys The World Of David Walliams: Awful Auntie's Old Maid Card Game
    Special Price £3.00
  7. The cover of the box for Ratburger's Go Fish Card Game.
    Toys The World Of David Walliams: Ratburger's Go Fish Card Game
    Special Price £3.00
  8. The cover of the box for Awful Auntie's Wonderfully Witty Word Games. It says 'It's spelling but not as we know it.'
    Toys The World Of David Walliams: Gangsta Granny's Mental Maths Game
    Special Price £4.00