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  1. The square chopping board with an etching of a lemon with the words 'Gin is my tonic.' There are two slices of lemon and a glass filled with gin.
    Home & Garden Gin Is My Tonic Scottish Oak Chopping Board
  2. A curved gin glass, filled with gin, with a white rose etched on the front.
    Home & Garden Jacobite Rose Gin Mixer Glass
  3. The  tin that the candle comes in and the label on the front , written on it  is 'Prosecco and Strawberry Candle. Handmade with Finest Scottish Beeswax.'
    Home & Garden Prosecco & Strawberry Candle Tin
  4. Whisky being poured into a glass with an engraving that says 'Today's rain is tomorrow's whisky.' There is a whisky bottle behind.
    Home & Garden Today's Rain Whisky Glass
  5. A crystal, bell-shaped whisky glass with a thistle etched in the front.
    Home & Garden Thistle Crystal Whisky Glass
  6. An etched crystal whisky tumbler features 29 different words for drunk: Sloshed, Puggled, Lined, Tram, Blitzed etc. There is a whisky bottle (sold separately) behind it.
    Home & Garden Crystal Drunk Tumbler
  7. The three ceramics: a whisky water jug, ceramic mug and ceramic bowl are on a table in a woodland scene.
    Home & Garden Ceramic Whisky Tumbler
  8. A Ceramic Whisky Water Jug with a pinched spout for pouring.
    Home & Garden Ceramic Whisky Water Jug
  9. The cover of the notebook with images of whisky barrels and the title 'Whisky tasting notes.'
    Stationery Whisky Tasting Notebook
  10. The Merino Wool Herringbone Throw folded in half and hanging on a coathanger.
    Home & Garden Extra Fine Merino Wool Herringbone Throw 190x140cm
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