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Live Green: 52 Steps For A More Sustainable Life

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Many of us do what we can to adopt a greener lifestyle. We recycle, reduce our waste and plastics, choose organic food, eat less meat and opt for environmentally-friendly cleaning products. Yet we often wish we were doing more and it can be overwhelming to know where to start.

Live Green: 52 Steps for a more Sustainable Life is a practical guide of 52 changes - one for each week of the year - you can make to your home and lifestyle to reduce your impact on the environment. This book has all the ingredients to help you achieve a more sustainable year: from your cleaning routine, home furnishings and food shopping to fashion, beauty and Christmas.

You’ll discover how to make your own eco-friendly cleaning products and ethical Christmas decorations. You’ll be inspired to create a capsule wardrobe, your own beauty products and explore the world of vintage furniture.

Live with intention. Live simply. Live Green.

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