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Infinity Bottle Whisky Blending Kit

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The Infinity Bottle Whisky Blending Kit contains the equipment and instructions to transform your leftover whisky into your own bespoke blended whisky. It is a blend like no other - your very own living creation and the rarest of whiskies.

The elegant bottle holds 70cl at any one time, but the bottle's life is infinite - when the level drops, simply top up with any other whisky on hand. Over time, what started out as a resourceful way of savouring precious drops has become a crafted art for many enthusiasts and budding whisky distillers.

The rules of the Infinity Bottle are yours to write. Whilst many bottlers may simply add their odds and ends with no intention other than to create a curiosity, it has inspired a thriving community of passionate home blenders. Some methodically tweak and test their Infinity Bottle contents to create the perfect flavour profile to match their taste. Some blend for themselves, while others blend as a thoughtful gift. 

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