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Curved Staffa Pendant in Silver

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This pendant is based on the basalt rock structures of Staffa where many have fallen under the island’s spell. Most famously, romantic composer Felix Mendelssohn who visited in 1829 and wrote Fingal's Cave overture, inspired by the weird echoes in the cave.

Materials: Sterling silver 
Size: 3.8 x 0.7cm
Chain length: 46cm

This beautiful pendant echoes the hexagonal columns of the island and depicts the beautiful curves and sense of movement found in the rock structures which were created when cooling flows of lava came into contact with the bedrock. The pendant comes in a sterling silver finish.

About Staffa

This little island off the west coast of Scotland looks like it may be from a different planet. Its hexagonal columns were formed millions of years ago by volcanic eruptions and a vast blanket of lava that spread into the Atlantic Ocean. Years of waves crashing against these columns created the magnificent Fingal’s Cave.

Staffa came into the care of the National Trust for Scotland in 1986, a gift from John Elliott, Jr, of New York in honour of his wife Elly’s birthday.

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