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The National Trust for Scotland offers a wide range of items perfect for Outlander fans. Shop now. 

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  1. The Making Of Outlander
    Books & Stationery The Making Of Outlander
  2. The cover of the book Outlander's Scotland which features standing stones. The cover says 'Follow in the footsteps of Claire and Jamie and discover a land of love, battles and adventure.'
    Books & Stationery Outlander's Scotland
  3. Outlander Mackenzie Lambswool Scarf
    Clothing & Accessories Outlander Mackenzie Lambswool Scarf
  4. Outlander Fraser Lambswool Scarf
    Clothing & Accessories Outlander Fraser Lambswool Scarf
  5. The Outlander Tartan Lambswool Scarf with a fringe at the bottom.
    Clothing & Accessories Outlander Tartan Lambswool Scarf
  6. The Outlander Mackenzie tartan stole, shown hanging from a white coat hanger
    Clothing & Accessories Outlander MacKenzie Tartan Stole
    Special Price £62.50
  7. brown knitted armwarmers inspired by the television series Outlander
    Clothing & Accessories Outlander Claire's Arm Warmers
  8. A pin with a thistle design.
    Jewellery Outlander Scottish Thistle Pin
  9. A silver necklace and round pendant. The outside of the pendant is knotted. The inside of the pendant has standing stones and a small circle.
    Jewellery Outlander Inspired Standing Stones Pendant
  10. A silver chain with a gold-plated ring and a silver-plated ring as pendants.
    Jewellery Outlander Inspired Wedding Rings Pendant
  11.  A silver necklace with a heart-shaped pendant. Inside the pendant are three thistles and celtic knots. On the top of the pendant are the words 'Je Suis Prest.'
    Jewellery Outlander Inspired Celtic Heart Pendant