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The National Trust for Scotland offers a wide range of items and these ones are brand new. Shop now. 

  1. Blue Tit Wooden Brooch
    Jewellery Blue Tit Wooden Brooch
  2. A blue moth brooch with the label that says 'East End Press'.
    Jewellery Blue Moth Wooden Brooch
  3. Sicklebill Wooden Brooch
    Jewellery Sicklebill Wooden Brooch
  4. The packaging of the Hoods Honey Rhubarb and Bramble Soap. It says 'Made with Finest Scottish Honey.'
    Health & Beauty Rhubarb & Bramble Soap
  5. The packaging of the Hoods Honey Lemongrass and Lime product.
    Health & Beauty Lemongrass & Lime Hand & Body Wash
  6. The Hoods Honey Spearmint body wash.
    Health & Beauty Spearmint Hand & Body Wash
  7. The packaging that the bar of soap comes in.
    Health & Beauty Miracle Oat & Honey Soap
  8. The packaging that the bar of soap comes in and the round soap.
    Health & Beauty Babylon Poppyseed Soap
  9. The red Islay mouse-shaped purse, with leather eyes, eyes and whiskers. There is a zip over the back.
    Clothing & Accessories Green Islay Tweed Mouse Coin Purse
    Special Price £6.25
  10. The chocolate in red wrapping that says 'Rhubard and Ginger Milk Chocolate.'
    Food & Drink Rhubarb & Ginger Milk Chocolate
  11. The bar of chocolate that says 'Earl Grey Tea Dark Chocolate.'
    Food & Drink Earl Grey Tea & Bergamont Dark Chocolate