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Tea with Chrissie by Rosalind Jones

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Tea with Chrissie

The Story of Burg and Ardmeanach on the Isle of Mull

Rosalind Jones

Tea with Chrissie tells the story of a remote estate on the tip of Mull's beautiful Ardmeanach peninsula. A famous fossil tree and generations of the shepherding MacGillivray family were rooted at Burg, an early property of The National Trust for Scotland bequeathed by an absentee laird who briefly owned it for secret reasons. Previously run down, Burg was transformed into an Experimental Farm during WWII, becoming the envy of many, including avaricious neighbours. From ancestors to Chrissie's award of the prestigious George Waterstone Memorial, the narrative traces a traditional lifestyle now gone, inluding a belief in sithe (fairies), spirits and ghosts - who some today attest have not gone from this corner of Mull.