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Branklyn Garden Property Guide

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Delve into the world of Branklyn Garden with our property guide. Purchase ahead of your next visit or as a souvenir.

This attractive garden, a peaceful haven, was developed by John and Dorothy Renton in the early 1920s after they built their Arts & Crafts-inspired house. 

The couple were keen to have a garden that featured rare and unusual plants and flowers from all over the world. Thanks to the seeds collected by renowned plant hunters (including George Forrest and Frank Ludlow) and due to Dorothy’s remarkable gardening skills, the couple’s wish was granted.

Today, gardeners and botanists come from across the globe to admire Branklyn’s outstanding collection, particularly the rhododendrons, alpines and peat-garden plants. It also holds several National Collections of plants, including Meconopsis and Cassiope.

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