We do what we do …

For the love of Scotland


Voiceover & caption: What do you hate about Scotland?

Andrea McLean: Nowhere has midges like Scotland

Gerard Butler: (Squirms)

Person 1: Poor phone signals

Person 2: You’re going to be incommunicado

Brian Cox: It’s so far away

Person 3: Dark, dark winters

Person 4: No, dark

Sir Chris Hoy: I hate pot-holes

Person 5: Pot-holes

Person 6: Midges

Evelyn Glennie: I hate it when we don’t listen

Person 7: Four seasons in one day

Person 8: Yeah, you can have four seasons within one hour sometimes

Person 8: I hate how the weather cannae make up its mind

Evelyn Glennie: Is that love? Or hate?

Gerard Butler: Smirr

Andrea McLean: (Mimics smirr)

Brian Cox: The worst thing is

Person 10: Sunburn

Brian Cox: The very worst thing

Person 11: Sunburn, eurgh

Person 12: Well, I hate taps aff

Person 13: (Laughs)

Person 14: Peely-wally bodies

Person 1: I secretly love it!

Person 15: Sometimes we can be small minded

Brian Cox: I absolutely hate

Person 16: When politics divide us

Andrea McLean: The weather

Finn Russell: What do you think?

Person 17: Well I don’t like it when it snows

Person 18: It could be better

Person 19: Adults always going on about the weather

Judy Murray: I hate when rain stops play

Person 20: The fact that we haven’t won a world cup

Gerard Butler: I don’t love that

Alex McLeish: Glorious defeat – there’s nothing glorious about it

Stuart Hogg: What do I hate about Scotland? Pass

Gerard Butler: Midges, but I’m sure everybody’s said that

Voiceover & caption: What do you love about Scotland?

Andrea McLean: Definitely the weather

Person 21: Sheep

Person 22: I love our coastline

Person 23: People

Person 24: We’ve got so many treasures at our doorstep

Persons 25 & 3: Archaeology!

Sir Chris Hoy: I love how we’re the best in the world at some things

Person 27: I love saying lochs, lochs

Person 1: Lochs

Person 28: Lochs

Person 11: There are thousands are there not?

Brian Cox: I love the way that we all have a sense of home

Alex McLeish: Historic battles

Person 29: The history of Scotland, I love the heritage

Alex McLeish: When we pull together as a team

Person 1: The banter

Person 4: I made a haggis omelette

Person 21: Oh no

Person 3: It’s a superfood though

Person 21: My husband was a butcher and I know what’s in it

Judy Murray: I love our national treasures

Person 30: Glencoe

Person 6: I love the islands

Person 22: Ecclefechan

Person 6: The hills

Person 22: Auchtermuchty

Brian Cox: You can’t say better than that

Person 4: Whales, dolphins

Person 15: From otters to

Person 10: Squirrels

Person 25: I love squirrels

Gerard Butler: I love our mountains, our glens, our lochs … and our Burns!

Evelyn Glennie: (Laughs)

Person 30: Charles Rennie Mackintosh

Person 6: The culture

Gerard Butler: I love that we still care about the things that really matter

[Shots of beautiful landscapes from across Scotland. Scenes of staff and volunteers at the National Trust for Scotland at work, picking litter from the beach, building paths on mountain tops, chipping away at stonework, and vacuuming and dusting artefacts.]

Voiceover & caption: We all love this place we call home. That’s why the hundreds of thousands of members, donors, volunteers, visitors and staff at the National Trust for Scotland help every day to protect our natural and national treasures for us all to enjoy.

[More scenes of Scottish wildlife (puffins and seals) and more wide open spaces, including coastlines and castles.]

Voiceover & caption: From coastlines to castles, art to architecture, wildlife to wilderness, we do what we do … for the love of Scotland.

Gerard Butler: I hate when people forget their roots. Excuse me, can I get an iced, half-caff, non-fat, sugar-free caramel latte? Thank you.

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