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Why it's ace - by Liza and Judy
Threave is ace if you like watching wildlife or having a bit of an adventure (or eating). Threave is a diverse place, with gardens, woods and wetlands (and a good café). As well as deer, owls and foxes, it is an incredible place for birds and bats! And then you can visit old Threave Castle by boat…

During the winter thousands of geese, ducks and swans make Threave their home, roosting on the marshes by night and grazing in the fields by day. Head down to the wetlands at dawn or dusk and check out the sights and sounds of geese on the move.

In the summer, ospreys take up residence on the estate. These amazing birds can be seen plunging for fish along the River Dee. Ospreys spend the winter in West African countries such as Senegal and so have a stunning 6700km (4,200 mile) migration to get to Scotland each year.

Threave is also home to 7 different species of bats and is Scotland's first bat reserve. You could say we're really batty at Threave. If you'd like to be batty too, come and join one of our ranger-led walks…

If you like technical stuff, you can use a bat detector. Our rangers have these – so you can try one out when you book a walk. The detector picks up the high frequency clicks and buzzes made by the echo-locating bats and translates them into sounds we can hear.

And then, there is Threave Castle (cared for by Historic Scotland so you need to pay if you're not a member): follow the signs, cross the farmland, and ring the bell for the ferryman…

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