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Robert Smail’s Printing Works

Why it's ace - by Gen
Just 30 miles south from Edinburgh is Robert Smail’s Printing Works, Scotland’s last remaining fully operational jobbing letterpress printers! We are open April until October for a step-back-in-time tour of a genuine Victorian Printing Works. Our presses are still running and we are still producing work. We are looking for future potential ‘apprentices’ - so come and have a go - if you think you’re clever enough (ability to read upside down and back to front an advantage)!

been told to ‘mind your Ps and Qs’?
Felt ‘out of sorts’?
Wondered why we ‘come a cropper’?
Smail’s is an Ace Place to find out why…

believed Recycle
Re-use, Renewable Energy
were 21st century concepts?
Some canny Victorians got there first!
Smail’s is an Ace Place to find out how…

So you thought…
Upper and lower case
point size and justification
were terms invented for your computer?
No way...

been told you’ve got it good these days
but you didn’t believe them?
So imagine working
54 hours a week
when you're 14
for 4 ½ shillings (22p)
Smail’s is an Ace Place to learn about past times…

Visit us at Smail’s to find out more, have some fun (and write upside down and the wrong way round).

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