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Why it's ace - by Rule
It's wild, wondrous, whopping and erm... wet!

While now without wolves, Kintail's wilderness supports a wealth of wildlife, including golden eagles with their wide wingspans and wary red deer; although whoever's willing to give sea kayaking with wacky Willie a whirl, may well watch weighty whales.

Those wishing to walk will find the winding way to the waterfalls at Glomach worthwhile, while the Five Sisters of Kintail mountains will definitely leave you wheezing, weary, worn-out and weak. The wise will want to wander further into the world of Kintail to witness a whole wide expanse of wonderfully remote hill and glen, well-suited to wild camping - and you won't need your wallet!

Kintail also has a somewhat weird and wicked past, which will have you wondering: Why did Spanish, Dutch and Swiss warriors wield weapons and wage warfare here? When? Where? What especially makes the battle-site warrant interest today?

Those willing to help at Kintail are always welcome, so why not come on a Trailblazer work week? Be it planting willows in woods, or warding water off walk-ways, they're always a winner!

A warning though: Kintail is amongst the wettest and windiest whereabouts in the west so, to avoid being washed out and windswept, make sure to wear your woollies and waterproofs and watch the weather woman (or man!).

What is without doubt, whether it's warm weather or a white winter wonderland, Kintail is definitely worth a visit. So whisk yourself up here and wallow in its wildness; we'll wager it'll leave you wide-eyed and whispering “wow”!

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