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Ben Lomond

Why it's ace - by Alisdair
It's only an hour away from Scotland's biggest city, and yet as wild in places as the most remote parts of the country. Tens of thousands of folk come here every year, yet you can still find peace and quiet: enjoy the place with the crowds or find your own space!

Ben Lomond is also one of the few places in the country where you can see the sea both east and west, on a clear day! And - talking about the views - wow, what a contrast between the never-ending mountains to the north, and the southern outlook of the central plain and outcropping lowland hills. The hillside is also a fine place to see over Loch Lomond.

There's some great hidden corners to find your way to (especially looking for the waterfalls behind Ardess) which require a bit more scrambling about. That's another good thing: because it's all owned by the National Trust for Scotland, you can go exploring wherever you like without worrying about what landowners might say.

And there's plenty of places on the hill to enjoy, not just the summit! The woods on the lower slopes are amazing, full of wild flowers, birds and other wildlife, such as roe deer and pine marten. And why not try the Ardess Hidden History Trail.

If you're interested in history, there's many traces to be found from the folk who lived and farmed here a few hundred years ago. Some of it is still a mystery though: for example, there's hints of a big battle in the Rowardennan area but no-one knows when and who was involved. How long did the Britons hold sway over the area before the Scots came in?

The name Ben Lomond (beacon hill in both Gaelic and ancient British languages) has a real ring of history about it - but who was lighting the beacon fires? When was it last used as a beacon site? And what were the beacons for?

This is just a quick snapshot of some of the reasons why Ben Lomond is an ace place. Everyone has got a different thing they find good about the place. Come and discover yours.

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