The National Trust for Scotland is a charity set up in 1931 for the preservation and conservation of natural and human heritage that is important to Scotland and the world.

The Trust has gone on to become Scotland's largest membership organisation and a leader in conserving and promoting the country's treasured places so that they can be enjoyed by present and future generations..

The properties we care for straddle a timeframe that stretches from the earliest geological processes to the Mesolithic and on to the 20th century eras of human existence: they encompass architectural wonders; coastlines, which along with 400 islands and islets, provide homes for over one million seabirds; natural landscapes and all the wildlife they contain; 200,000 acres of countryside; 46 Munro mountains; 394 miles of mountain footpaths; 35 major gardens nourishing 13,500 plant varieties; seven national nature reserves; 45 site of special scientific interest; St Kilda, the UK's only dual World Heritage Site; works of fine art and more than 100,000 precious artefacts representing both the highest levels of craftsmanship and the prosaic needs of lives once lived.

Without the Trust's involvement, many of these places and things would have been lost forever.

Appropriately enough for a charity which looks after important battlefields, the Trust itself is constantly at war. There is a never-ending struggle to fund conservation work – it is estimated that the Trust needs over £75 every minute of every day just to maintain the properties in its care. There is also conflict on the micro-level as conservators and other specialists, such as stone masons, try to roll back the continual offensives launched by time, wind, water, ice and voracious insects.

Our places are part Scotland's history and tell the story of us all: we conserve them for you to enjoy. Please support us in any way you can.

Registered Scottish Charity Number SCO 07410

Head Office:
Hermiston Quay,
5 Cultins Road,
Edinburgh, EH11 4DF.

Tel: 0844 493 2100


Patron - HRH The Prince Charles, Duke of Rothesay KG KT GCB OM

President - Neil Oliver

Chairman - Sir Moir Lockhead OBE

Deputy Chairman - Jillian Carrick