The Trust in your community

The Trust’s 129 visited properties are more than places to go for a great day out. Because we have a presence in the majority of Scotland’s local authority areas, it means that every property is close to a community or a school.

Our properties are all part of our national heritage but they also tell the story of local heritage; they are bound up with the history of nearby communities, local cultural traditions and the daily lives of our ancestors.  Big stately homes and castles, which may at first sight seem to have little to do with the lives of ordinary people, represent, amongst other things, the social structures, conflicts, agricultural systems and places of work that shaped the lives of the people who lived nearby.

The Trust and its historic and natural places still have important roles to play for local communities.

There are different ways for residents and communities to use their local NTS properties. They can be:

• a convenient escape from daily pressures offering fresh air and exercise in wonderful natural landscapes and gardens
• safe and secure places to take your children and keep them entertained
• centres for learning and education
• places to meet friends for a coffee, scone and a chat
• places to take part in active volunteering in order to meet new friends and gain new skills
• magnets for the tourists who will spend in local shops and businesses
• places of employment – most of our Property Managers and their staff live close-by to the properties they look after
• places for social inclusion – we actively participate in Community Partnerships through which people who are disengaged from school or have personal difficulties can be offered outdoors and work experience

It’s your heritage – please use it and support it.

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