Introduction   Overview   The shape of the debate   Themes Theme 1 - A National Heritage Collection Theme 2 - Heritage for Communities Theme 3 - Making Heritage Accessible Theme 4 Heritage and Tourism after 2014    
Introduction What is the Trust for? The challenges Different views
The Options for the Trust What you told us What next? Your views 

To paraphrase Winston Churchill, this is the beginning of the beginning.

These pages mark the start of a debate and a consultation process that will carry on through our 2014 Annual General Meeting and beyond.

The outcome of this discussion will be a new vision and a new strategy for the Trust.  This will set out our ambitions and tactics as we aim to embrace new generations and try to serve the needs of a society that is transforming itself with disorientating rapidity. 

A draft strategy will be put before the Membership at the AGM in 2016 and implemented from 2017.

Your feedback will help shape the thinking of our Board of Trustees as they develop that strategy.

Over the coming months, through individual ‘task teams’, they will be investigating a range of key issues:

•    Funding
•    The Portfolio
•    Partnership
•    Membership
•    Community
•    Visitor Experience

Each team with be chaired by a Trustee and they will endeavour to collect opinion and information from a representative range of sources. They will bring their findings together at meetings of the full of Board of Trustees before drafting the new strategy.

The information on these webpages will remain and be updated all through the course of the strategy’s development.

Please use every opportunity to have your say and help us shape the Trust’s future.