Introduction   Overview   The shape of the debate   Themes Theme 1 - A National Heritage Collection Theme 2 - Heritage for Communities Theme 3 - Making Heritage Accessible Theme 4 Heritage and Tourism after 2014    
Introduction What is the Trust for? The challenges Different views
The Options for the Trust What you told us What next? Your views 

There are various ways the Trust can respond to the challenges set out in this section and in Theme1, Theme2 and Theme 3. Indeed, there are various combinations of these and the Trust’s future need not lie in an ‘all or nothing’ approach.

The following describes some of the options the trust might consider in rising to the challenges.  It must be stressed that these are potential options only: NONE represent current Trust policy or strategy.

However, it would be helpful to have your feedback on these options and even your suggestions of other possibilities the Trust might consider. You can forward your opinions to us via the Your Views survey page.