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Introduction What is the Trust for? The challenges Different views
The Options for the Trust What you told us What next? Your views 

Underpinning the content of A Place for Heritage? has been one single factor: change;  changing perceptions of heritage and its worth; a changing society; changing economics; changing technology; and, as we are now well aware, changing politics.

Other than death and taxes, there may only be two other certainties in life: change and uncertainty about change.  How should the Trust respond; how much does the Trust itself need to change? 

Predicting the future is seldom a fruitful exercise but it is possible to consider general trends and infer what it is in store for heritage and tourism beyond 2014. 

Even so, no answers can be presented here; only speculation.

The extremely tough job of converting speculation into the appropriate courses of action will fall to our Board of Trustees.  This debate has a purpose, which is help our Trustees design a new long-term strategy for the Trust’s future which is compatible with the needs of 21st century Scotland.

In doing this, our Trustees need to consider responses to some fundamental questions:

•    What is heritage?
•    What do people want and need from heritage?
•    What is the purpose of the National Trust for Scotland?
•    What is the best way to conserve our heritage?

It is the responses to these questions that will determine what the National Trust for Scotland does and how it is organised as it moves towards its centenary.

In this Theme we have attempted to summarise the trends and challenges which will inform the Trust’s future strategy.  We have also proposed a few scenarios as to what a future NTS might do.

We asked some people from different backgrounds how they thought the Trust might have to change, including some of those who contributed their views to other parts of this debate.

We also surveyed a representative sample of Trust members and present their responses here.

If some of the proposals and the views expressed here seem provocative, that is deliberate: we want to you to respond and tell us what you think.  What you say will inform our Trustees as they make far-reaching decisions. This is your chance to have a direct influence on the outcomes.

Change is coming to the Trust; please help shape it.