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A place for heritage

There are many complex issues to consider as we try to map out the Trust’s future.

For that reason we are going to break the discussion down into a number of different themes.  Over the coming months we will publish new pages covering each theme in turn.

For each theme we will provide a written summary of the issues as we see them and some possible options for the Trust, some of which may be radical.  We will also be providing links to brief video segments which will act as a general introduction to the theme in question.

You will also have the opportunity to complete an online poll for each theme – you can express your views through this.


  The themes we will be bring forward in the coming weeks and months are:    
  Theme 1 – A National Heritage Collection?
 View theme  
  Theme 2 – Heritage for Communities  View theme  
  Theme 3 – Making Heritage Accessible  View theme  
  Theme 4 – Heritage and Tourism After 2014  View theme