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Adults & Families

We help individuals and families to improve their health and wellbeing by engaging with the natural world.


Our team creates inspiring programmes in the countryside that can be life-changing and help remove obstacles to employment by promoting healthy lifestyles and active volunteering.

Healthy Outdoors Teams

The Healthy Outdoors Teams help people to improve their wellbeing and physical health by gaining new skills, experiences and social interaction, through practical conservation activities and contact with nature.  

Working with partners, we aim to involve a wide range of people from currently under-represented groups and those in disadvantaged areas.

Participants will take part monitoring that will show the benefits of increased physical activity and contact with nature to their health and wellbeing.

Collecting mushrooms
Collecting mushrooms


We are working to open up the outdoors for exploration by families through our Natural Connections family events programme, which focuses on natural play and citizen science.

Natural Connections Play

Natural Connections Play events support parents and children to learn skills to encourage active play and healthy lifestyles, giving them the ability to plan, prepare for and enjoy the outdoors. Parents can help their children to connect with nature by:

  • Testing and expanding their interests and abilities
  • Making their own explorations and discoveries
  • Letting them play without undue adult involvement
  • Interacting with and transforming their surroundings

Natural Connections Learn

Natural Connections Learn events have been developed as a fun way to get people exploring natural spaces and discovering wildlife. It’s a chance for families to become wildlife explorers and find out what’s living around them. Just like a real scientific expedition, everything we find will be recorded on the NTS wildlife survey site, and the information will be verified and shared with the National Biodiversity Network.

Natural Connections Play event – toasting marshmallows around a bonfire
Natural Connections Play event – toasting marshmallows around a bonfire