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Threave Garden Storm Damage Appeal

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Help us repair and revive the beauty of our gardens.

Gardens are havens of tranquillity and peace, places where plants and trees grow over years and decades, spaces where time is governed by seasons not seconds. But where nature can deliver beauty, joy and wonder, it can also deliver destruction.

Early winter storms have wreaked havoc across 26 hectares of some of the nation’s most significant designed landscape at Threave, and the wonderful garden there has been hit hard by recent severe weather. Trees have been uprooted, plants have been destroyed and gardens expertly planted over the years by students of the National Trust for Scotland’s School of Heritage Gardening to showcase different styles have been damaged.  Urgent and ongoing intervention and care is required to clear up and return Threave’s iconic garden to its best. Help us to repair and rebuild from recent storm damage, and to protect the garden and its unique beauty, loved locally and globally, by making a gift today.