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Returning Brodie Castle’s oldest document to public display

Brodie Castle in Moray is home to one of the oldest documents in our collections – a letter from King Robert the Bruce. Written in 1312 to Malcolm, Thane of Brodie, regarding the maintenance of his property, it pre-dates the oldest parts of the castle by about 200 years.

This document has considerable importance due to its antiquity and provenance. Relatively few documents from this time survive intact and are still legible, so we’re extremely lucky to be in possession of this, especially as it was written by such a key figure in Scotland’s history. In 1645, Brodie Castle was ransacked by Lord Lewis Gordon and many of the family papers were burnt, so it’s even more fortunate that this letter survived.

The letter is now almost 700 years old, and donations enabled us to complete essential conservation work on it over the summer. But these donations only covered the first part of our conservation work and we don’t currently have suitable equipment to display the letter publicly and to the highest conservation standards.

We’d like to purchase a ‘ColliderCase’ to display this special document. This exciting new way to present artefacts offers increased learning and engagement opportunities, as well as state-of-the-art protection for delicate materials.

To raise funds for the case we’ll be holding a public crowdfunder at the end of November. You can make a donation today by clicking on the button below and we’ll add your contribution to our crowdfunding page as an offline donation. Thank you. 

Protect Robert's letter

Returning Brodie Castle’s oldest document to public display

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