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Save Our Scotland

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The nation’s most loved places are at risk. Please help us Save Our Scotland today.

The impact of coronavirus on the Trust has been devastating. We have had no visitors; our cafés and shops lie empty; and we’ve had to cancel all our events and holiday rentals. Our vital conservation work has been put on hold and the majority of our staff are furloughed.

We urgently need your help.

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We expect to lose £28 million in income this year, meaning our ability to protect Scotland’s special places now and for the future is threatened.


Save our summits.

Save our sea life.

Save our stories.

The National Trust for Scotland is a charity that looks after
everything we love most about this country.

But now, we are in crisis, and the nation's most loved places, at risk.

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​What comes to mind when you think of Scotland?

Is it the rolling vistas of the Highlands, the red deer that roam the moors or the poetry of our national bard, Robert Burns? There’s so much that makes Scotland special and it’s likely that the Trust looks after something that sums up Scotland for you.

The things we all love about Scotland are under threat. We need your help to ensure the survival and continued protection of the places you love.

How your donation can help us

Save our seabirds

Did you know that St Kilda is home to over 1 million seabirds? Stand on the cliffs and you’ll hear the deafening cries of the kittiwakes, gannets and puffins that call the islands home.

However, they’re increasingly under threat from climate change, pollution and over-fishing. Without our conservation programmes, the colonies would be left extremely vulnerable.

A huge cliff rises from the sea, with gannets swooping in the air.
Ben Lomond seen from the rocky eastern shore of Loch Lomond on a sunny day

Save our summits

The Trust looks after 46 Munro summits including the iconic Ben Lomond. On a sunny day, hundreds of people will climb the mountain to enjoy unforgettable views across bonny Loch Lomond.

Our footpath team are normally hard at work repairing and maintaining pathways across Scotland to ensure these beautiful landscapes aren’t scarred by the footsteps of thousands of visitors.

Save our special places

We protect many of Scotland’s best-loved places from disappearing forever. At Culloden Moor, we protect a large area of the battlefield and tell the story of the 1745 Jacobite Rising.

However, other areas of the moor have recently been sold for housing development. We’ve opposed these decisions and constantly lobby for heritage sites to have better protection. Without us, Scotland’s history will lose a passionate protector.

A line of red flags stand on a vast and empty moor.

Help our archaeological work


The archaeological work is very important for the National Trust for Scotland,

because it helps us understand the past and how our properties have changed over time.

So, it’s all about telling Scotland’s stories - and that’s what archaeology does, I think very well.

The National Trust for Scotland is in crisis.

The current pandemic has really had quite a major impact on our work to date.

Support from members and donors will help us undertake more archaeological work.

It will help us in our use of the material that we’ve already gathered,

but it’ll also help us do new and exciting projects. To continue to tell Scotland’s stories.

You can make a donation by going online to

Emergency Appeal

We need your help, more than ever. Please help us protect Scotland’s heritage.

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