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NTS properties are home to 3 species of reptile, including Adders, Slow-worm and the Common Lizard.

Our ponds also support 5 species of amphibian, including Common Toads, Common Frog, Smooth Newt, Palmate Newt and the Great crested Newt.

Adders can be regularly seen during coastal walks down at Rockcliffe, during the hike up Goatfell's mountain paths or on heathland on the lower slopes of Ben Lomond, amongst many other places. We always ask visitors to treat adders and other reptiles with respect and let them go on their way. They have more to fear from us than the other way round!

We all remember the first time we caught tadpoles or went collecting frogspawn, and, with our NTS ranger services, there are a number of events every year that allow children to see frogs, newts and toads up close. Check out our Events pages!

NTS are aware that reptiles and amphibians have had a hard time in recent years, with populations threatened as their habitats have been destroyed.

NTS carry out much work to conserve these animals, either through sensitive management of the land or ponds, for example, at the Pineapple and Castle Fraser, or the creation of new ponds, as at Culzean and Inveresk.