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Some of Scotland's rarest invertebrates can be found on NTS properties: the Slender Scotch Burnet Moth, is known in the UK from only a handful of sites in the west of Mull, the great majority of which are to be found at Burg where sensitive habitat management has helped to boost the population.

The Narrow-headed Woodant is found in pinewoods on Speyside but only at 6 sites to the east of the cairngorms, including a proven 19 nests at Mar Lodge.

Dragonflies are a feature of many of our ponds. Particular concentrations can be found at Loch Achaidh na h'inich at Balmacara and the Flight Pond at Castle Fraser. The latter is one of only 6 sites in the UK for the Northern Damselfly, where a new pond has been created to protect it from introduced goldfish.

The Mountain Ringlet butterfly (increasingly vulnerable to climate change) is found on several NTS-managed mountains, including Ben Lomond and Ben Lawers, where long term monitoring has been carried out. A population of the rare Cousin German moth was discovered in regenerating sub-montane woodland at Ben Lawers.