A summer of adventure at Isle Be Wild

Duration: 0:53
Children of all ages can now take part in an unforgettable experience at Brodick Castle


'Isle Be Wild', a unique play area for children of all ages, takes its inspiration from Arran’s rich natural heritage. Its rugged appearance fits into the estate’s woodland area and encourages outdoor adventure.

Isle Be Wild play park

Brodick Castle, Garden & Country Park is one of Scotland’s treasures and the Trust is investing to encourage more families to have unforgettable experiences, all set amid Arran’s spectacular scenery. Isle Be Wild is a great addition to the estate and we hope it will encourage families from Arran and beyond to visit Brodick and find out what we’ve got planned for the future.

Brodick play park

Tim Hodkinson of The Aerial Imagery Centre, Whiting Bay, Arran, Copywrite 2017. 

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