Annual General Meeting

Our Annual General Meeting will be held on Saturday 30 September at Caird Hall, Dundee


The Trust is currently undergoing major changes, resulting in genuine transformations at the properties as a result of significant investment, with much more to come. The AGM will be a chance to hear about the latest thinking on the Trust’s long-term vision and future, as we look to our centenary in 2031 and beyond.

The agenda will include the election of the President and Vice-Presidents, presentation for approval of the Annual Review and Accounts 2016/17, the election of auditors and a proposal regarding an increase to the Ordinary Membership Subscription. There will also be an announcement of the recipients of the George Waterston Memorial and Colin Donald Environmental Law Awards.

The agenda will also include the election of Trustees.  This year three Trustees are completing their terms of office.  The candidates who are standing for election have each prepared submissions to help inform your choice. Look out for your AGM notice and Trustee election brochure in the summer edition of Scotland in Trust 

Registration to attend the AGM or vote for candidates will be open until Friday 22 September and you can do this by post by returning the advance booking and trustee election voting form contained in the brochure or online. Members attending the AGM will have an opportunity to vote for candidates in person at the meeting.   

This is your Trust, so please use this opportunity to shape its future.

Venue: Caird Hall, City Square, Dundee DD1 3BB

Date: Saturday 30 September, 2017

Meeting: 11.00-13.15

Morning Coffee: from 10.15

Lunch: 13.15 (if meeting runs to time)

For more information, or to submit a question to Trustees or Officers to be read out by the Chairman of the meeting on your behalf, please contact: for the meeting will be available for download from, where you can also see the agenda for the day.



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