Torridon's half a century of wonders

By Seamus MacNally | Property Manager | Torridon
Discover the wonders and wild landscape of Torridon.


Having worked on Torridon for over a quarter of a century now, I still love this view over land that the NTS looks after on behalf of the nation and everyone who loves wild open countryside.

The beautiful landscape of Torridon

The Trust has owned this property for 50 years and on a landscape scale little has changed. Look closer however and there has been an expansion of native woodland and a wealth of investment in the upland footpath network.


A hiker heading for the three horns on Ben Alligin Ridge.

Only one full-time person has ever been employed here, with the bulk of the work being undertaken by seasonal staff and contractors, and yet it still costs a great deal to keep this land in good heart. 

A beautiful day, looking across Upper Loch Torridon

Please help the National Trust for Scotland continue to support Torridon and the other amazing natural heritage sites within its portfolio.

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