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Our website has had a bit of a makeover ... in some parts at least.


The National Trust for Scotland is currently updating all of our communications and services, to give our visitors and members the best possible information in the clearest way.

Our website is the key channel through which the public engage with us, and so we wanted to refresh it first of all. But it is a huge and complex beast which will take a lot of thought and time to modernise in its entirety. That’s why we have concentrated on sorting out as quickly as possible the parts of the website most used by visitors.

What we did

Visit, Places, Events and Join pages have been given a fresh, modern look so that they’re fully responsive to all devices and accessible for all users.

We have also created a new section called What We Do, which is filled with interesting articles and features about the buildings, nature, wildlife and collections that the National Trust for Scotland cares for. And we will be adding to this on a regular basis.

Many areas of the website were over ten years old and were not responsive to different screen sizes. We’ve been busy making it more consistent and friendlier to use, improving the page loading speeds and making information easier to find.

But all the older sections and services are still available, and you can find them in the footer, site search or sitemap.

What next

This is just the beginning of what we want to do, and we are commencing an extensive programme of development to update all our digital content and services. It’s important that we involve our visitors and members to ensure we are doing the right things and meeting their needs.

If you would like to help us in this task, or can advise and guide us on how to improve our digital offer, please get in touch by emailing us at

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