Arduaine Garden

Arduaine Garden, near Oban, takes visitors on a horticultural world tour, without ever leaving Scotland.


The unique mild climate created by the warming North Atlantic Drift means that this northern spot is nurturing for a dazzling array of plants from around the world. 

The vast range includes a famous collection of rhododendrons, azaleas, magnolias, Blue Tibetan poppies, giant Himalayan lilies and Chatham Island forget-me-nots. 

This south-facing garden’s proximity to the sea allows the cultivation of many rare and tender plants from around the globe, with the emphasis on South America and East Asia. 

It’s possible to discover the secret path that leads to the island viewpoint, providing tranquillity and a place for reflection. 

While summer shows Arduaine at its most extravagant, the other seasons reveal their own beauty, too. The larch canopy sheltering the woodland garden turns a beautiful soft yellow in autumn and provides a wonderful foil to the evergreen shrubs beneath. 

Winter is when the bulk of the heavy work is done in the garden - though often wet and windy, settled sunny weather can make a visit well worthwhile as frosts are rarely hard and snow is a rare occurrence. 

Many of the structural plants are evergreen, so on placid winter days the garden can be a warm and sheltered place.

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